Drone Pilot Arrested Judge Grounds Flyboy After Beach Buzz

9/27/2014 12:15 AM PDT

L.A. Drone Pilot Arrest -- Judge Grounds Flyboy After Beach Buzz


Flying drones all over L.A. is all fun and games until somebody winds up in jail -- which is exactly what happened to a guy who pissed off cops AND a judge with his flyboy antics.

TMZ broke the story ... Tom Zebra was cited for flying a drone over the San Pedro harbor -- because L.A. law forbids flying unmanned aircraft around a public beach. 

The drone was confiscated and Saulmon was ordered to appear in court last Monday ... but TMZ has learned he showed up on Tuesday instead. No bueno -- the judge immediately threw him in jail and set bail at $30K.

As we first told you ... Saulmon and his drone have been on LAPD's radar since July, when he buzzed one of their parking lots. The city is considering new laws to control drone activity.

Zebra was released from jail Saturday morning.