Paparazzi Agency Of Course We Use Drones

8/4/2014 12:45 AM PDT

Paparazzi Using Drones -- Photo Agency: We've Used ‘Em For A Long Time (VIDEO)


The LAPD is worried the paparazzi will start using drones to shoot celebs and their homes. Turns out ... it's already happening.

We've learned a major paparazzi agency -- AKM-GSI -- has been selling drone videos of celebrity homes. Steve Ginsburg, who owns the agency, tells us he has no problem shooting the real estate but he wants nothing to do with images that include actual celebs behind their walls.

Ginsburg is clear - there is no law prohibiting his company from shooting aerial footage of homes ... even if the celebs are in the shot.  But he says there would be a "huge backlash" if his or any other agency tried to hawk the footage.

Ginsburg says a photog tried to sell him drone video of Miley Cyrus in her backyard but he wouldn't bite.  Miley actually spotted the drone and was pissed ... shooting the aircraft from the ground and uploading it on Instagram to show the intrusion.

Ginsburg tells TMZ, "We have the utmost respect for celebs and we stand by our word that we will not distribute any drone video capturing celebrities on public or private property."