Stephen Collins You're Bad For Business Fundraiser Shuns Support

10/9/2014 8:45 AM PDT

Stephen Collins -- You're Bad For Business ... Fundraiser Shuns His Support

Stephen Collins unknowingly wreaked havoc on a fundraiser for a sick baby ... because after he showed support ... the campaign was attacked for associating with an alleged child molester.

Hannah Robinson was born 7 weeks premature last year in Canada ... riddled with multiple life threatening ailments including: bowel disease and issues with her skin and heart.

Hannah's father, Denver started a gofundme page to help with medical costs ... and sent out a bunch of tweets to celebrities asking for support ... including Collins, who retweeted the message.

After TMZ broke the news Collins was under investigation ... Denver says he got bombarded with angry messages from Hannah supporters who hated Collins having any involvement in the campaign.
Denver says people also warned, "Keep your daughter away" from Collins.

Fearing the negative impact ... Denver deleted the tweet to Collins. The message is no longer posted on either page.