T.I. Goes to Africa ... I Ain't Worried 'Bout No Ebola

10/18/2014 12:10 AM PDT

T.I. Goes to Africa -- I Ain't Worried 'Bout No Ebola

T.I. is either the ultimate entertainer, or dangerously naive -- he's touched down in Africa for a concert he says must go on ... Ebola or no Ebola.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... T.I. landed in Tanzania on Friday to headline the Serengeti Fiesta this weekend -- and his management team insists there is no risk of an outbreak, since the country has yet to have had a single Ebola case.

It's true ... Tanzania's on the far east coast of Africa, while the hardest hit countries are in West Africa. It's kinda like canceling a trip to Maine because Ebola's in Dallas.

One not-so-fun fact for T.I. -- just last month an Oxford University study said Tanzania is one of the top 15 countries in Africa at risk for animal-to-human transmission of Ebola.

If T.I. does get worried ... we suggest crowd surfing the way Akon did 2 weeks ago in the Congo.