Backstreet Boys We Got Our Music Back!

10/24/2014 11:15 AM PDT

Backstreet Boys -- We Got Our Music Back!

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Backstreet Boys have finally scored legal victory ... snagging the rights to the master recording of one of their biggest songs in a battle that raged on for years.

The "Boys" have been battling ex-manager Lou Pearlman's bankruptcy estate ... and it was agreed this week they'd get the masters to some of their songs -- including "I'll Never Break Your Heart."

The Boys claimed they were owed nearly $3.5 mil ... but the bankruptcy trustee for Lou's case said they lacked the proof to back up that claim.  A judge ordered both sides to work it out earlier this year ... and according to court docs, they did just that.

So the boy band will receive $99K ... as well as possession of some master recordings -- including a few lesser known songs and live recordings.

They also received a VHS copy of "Star Trek Adventure" ... whatever that is.

Good luck finding a VHS player.