Stephen Collins I Got Fired from Major Movie 2 Hours After TMZ Story

11/10/2014 5:14 PM PST

Stephen Collins -- I Got Fired from Major Movie 2 HOURS After TMZ Story

Stephen Collins was fired from a major movie 2 hours after TMZ posted audio of him confessing to child molestation.

Collins filed legal docs for his upcoming divorce trial this month, in which he is asking the judge to slash Faye Grant's $13,000 monthly spousal support to ZERO, claiming he can't get work now.

Collins says in the legal docs he was canned from "Ted 2" after our story posted October 7th. He says he lost $75K that he would have made for the project, and that doesn't count residuals.

Collins says the judge should penalize Grant for what he says was an unlawful recording in his therapist's office that she secretly made.

He also says he does not expect to get any acting offers for the rest of the year.