'Young and the Restless' Actor Suspects Charged In Thanksgiving Attack

12/2/2014 4:30 PM PST

'Young and the Restless' Actor Corey Sligh -- Suspects Charged in Brutal Thanksgiving Attack


Two guys accused of attacking a "Young and the Restless" actor on Thanksgiving Day ... have been charged with a slew of crimes ... including assault with a deadly weapon and DUI.

Corey Sligh was walking in a Rite Aid parking lot on turkey day when the alleged assailants -- Dusan Lilic and Nikola Ilic -- hit him with their car. Prosecutors say the suspects were speeding through the parking lot, and got pissed when Sligh and his GF asked them to slow down.

According to prosecutors they smashed Sligh with the car door, then got out and beat him to a bloody pulp.  Sligh had to be hospitalized with multiple injuries.

Lilic, who was driving, faces up to 7 years in prison -- and Ilic could get a max of 4 years.