'Billy Bob's Gags to Riches' Ranch Hand Pulls Gun on Wannabe Inventor

12/10/2014 12:30 AM PST

Discovery's 'Billy Bob's Gags to Riches' ... Ranch Hand Pulls Gun on Wannabe Inventor


The star of Discovery's "Billy Bob's Gags to Riches" -- a redneck version of "Shark Tank" -- apparently had a tough decision to make ... humor an inventor he thought was a stalker, or let his ranch hand go down in flames -- and guess which he chose?

Billy Bob's show showcases inventors with gag products, like fake teeth that make you look like a hillbilly. A guy named Dennis Weir had an invention he wanted to pitch ... badly, so he hunted Billy Bob down to the point BB felt like he was being stalked.

Dennis showed up at Billy Bob's Illinois hunting lodge earlier this month, and the ranch hand went to the edge of the property, pulled a .45 caliber pistol on Dennis and told him to get out of Dodge.

Dennis called the cops and the ranch hand was arrested for assault. But it appears from the police report cops had an idea that would make everyone happy and presumably the criminal case would go away. All Billy Bob had to do was meet Dennis and hear about his invention.

The cop escorted Dennis into Billy Bob's office and asked to see him, but the assistant sent them packing. So Dennis didn't get to pitch is invention, and the ranch hand just got charged with a crime.