Drake Bell I'll Never Shred Again ... And Here's Why

1/7/2015 2:38 PM PST

Drake Bell -- I'll Never Shred Again ... And Here's Why

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Drake Bell
's run-in with the bottom of a swimming pool is why his music career is now in jeopardy.

We now know why Drake came out this week and said doctors have given him the bad news ... he'll never play guitar again.

Drake was at his brother's house for a birthday party in November, horsing around in the pool when he dove in, not realizing the bottom was closer than he thought. Drake's wrist slammed into the concrete, shattering it.

Doctors performed surgery and rejiggered his wrist with plates and screws, and then put it in a cast. 

The cast was removed last week and after eyeballing the results Drake's doctors told him he will never be able to play guitar again. Shredding is way too taxing for his limited mobility.

So Drake can still sing, but his act has always included a guitar, so now he's gotta hire someone and it may not be the same.

But Drake is still banking on a medical miracle, with the help of intensive physical therapy.