George Zimmerman Busted for Epic Art War With GF

1/12/2015 8:50 AM PST

George Zimmerman -- Busted for Epic Art War With GF


George Zimmerman allegedly hurled a wine bottle at his gf's head because they got into a heated convo about a work of art. 

As we told you ... Zimmerman was arrested over the weekend, and according to the police report -- obtained by TMZ -- the alleged domestic incident started on Jan. 5 when Zimmerman and the woman were talking smack over a painting he wanted back from her.  

Cops say the woman got pissed, started to walk out ... and then George tossed the bottle, which missed her and hit his garage door.  

Zimmerman's been dabbling in painting himself ... though it's unclear from the report if it was an OG Zim piece that started the fight. 

Police spoke to Zimmerman about the fight on Jan. 9 -- and he claimed SHE threw the bottle. Cops didn't buy his version of the incident ... and arrested him for aggravated assault. 

According to the report ... the woman said she's been dating Zimmerman for a few months, but this hardly sounds like Romeo and Juliet. When asked if they'd been intimate ... she told police she did "get drunk in the past and have sex with him before."