Stephen Collins My Ex Used V.A. to Leak Tape She's 'Devious' That Way

1/14/2015 10:32 AM PST

Stephen Collins -- My Ex Used V.A. to Leak Tape ... She's 'Devious' that Way


Stephen Collins
claims his bitter ex-wife was out for blood and caused the now-famous audio recording to be leaked ... the audio in which Collins confesses to child molestation.

Collins -- who was in court Wednesday along with estranged wife Faye Grant -- says in new legal docs Grant put his stuff in trash bags and put them in the driveway of their Brentwood home for pickup by the V.A. He says the audiotape was inside one of the bags and labeled, "Stephen Collins/predator."

Collins claims it was all part of her "devious design" to get the tape out without directly releasing it. He says he foiled her plot by getting a P.I. to retrieve the bags before they were picked up.

The actor says he believes TMZ got the audio via Grant, either directly or indirectly. She denies it.

The judge in the divorce case has ordered them to meet next week to try and settle the case, but hizzoner made it clear he fully expects a full trial next month.