Stephen Collins My Awful Wife Owes Me a Mil For Molestation Recording

11/12/2014 3:00 PM PST

Stephen Collins -- My Awful Wife Owes Me a Mil for Molestation Recording


Stephen Collins is on the attack ... demanding a million dollars from his wife for secretly recording his confession that he's a child molester ... TMZ has learned.

Faye Grant appeared in court Wednesday AM for the first day of their divorce trial. Stephen was a no show, but we obtained docs which outline his new demand. He claims Faye should pay because he can't get work as a result of TMZ posting the audio.

Stephen says Faye had no right to secretly record him in his therapist's office -- that she had a legal duty to protect his privacy. And he claims she's responsible for leaking the recording to TMZ.

Stephen wants a million bucks ... presumably deducted from her share of the community property, which we're told is valued at around $14 million.

The trial was delayed because Faye's lawyer told the judge he didn't want to rep her anymore because of a fee dispute ... so she needs a new lawyer.