'24' Watch Co. Sues Fox You Really Ticked Us Off!

1/19/2015 12:15 AM PST

'24' -- Watch Company Sues Fox ... You Really Ticked Us off!


Fox is being sued by a watch company that made a deal to produce special "24" timepieces ... a deal which turned into a financial disaster. 

The U.S. Agency Watch Company claims Fox was asleep at the wheel in providing a style guide and approving watch designs branded specifically for "24." The company claims Fox dragged it's feet for months, and by the time they finally got approval they couldn't meet their production deadline.
They say as a result 15,000 orders had to be cancelled.

On the bright side, we're thinking the watches that were actually produced may become collector's items and more valuable.

Sounds like Jack Bauer needed just a few more minutes.