Suge Knight I'm Being Tortured in Jail Let Me Out NOW!!!

3/20/2015 8:32 AM PDT

Suge Knight - I'm Being Tortured in Jail ... Let Me Out NOW!


Suge Knight claims he's being held in a small jail cell under intolerable circumstances ... he's by himself, cold, dirty and depressed.

Sources close to Suge tell TMZ ...  his lawyer, Matthew Fletcher, is expected to tell the judge he's being held in solitary in L.A. County Jail with no blankets, no hot water, and he hasn't been allowed to shower since Monday.

Fletcher will ask the judge to release his client on his own recognizance ... without posting any bail, but if the judge balks the lawyer will ask for the normal amount for this offense ... $2 million.

That's way off from what the prosecutor wants -- $25 million bail, based on Suge's record of violence, intimidating witnesses, extortion, and on and on. 

As for the prosecutor claiming there are 31 incidents of crime, Suge's lawyer will claim his client hasn't been prosecuted for a single one.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department tells TMZ ... "He is receiving the appropriate legal necessities in jail. He has multiple blankets, his hot water is the same temperature as everyone else and has been offered showers and new linens."