Lillo Brancato Jr. Cops Call for Boycott of New Film

3/24/2015 8:14 AM PDT

'Sopranos' Star Lillo Brancato Jr. -- Cops Call for Boycott of New Film


A prominent New York City police association is fuming mad that convicted felon Lillo Brancato Jr. is back on the set of a Hollywood film ... and they don't want anyone to go see it.  

The former "Sopranos" star recently shot a movie called "Back in the Day" ... which stars Danny Glover and Michael Madsen. It's Brancato's first role since he was released from prison after serving eight years for his part in a burglary that ended with the killing of an off-duty NYPD officer.

As you might expect, the NYC Patrolmen's Benevolent Association is not happy to hear Brancato is resuming his career. PBA president Patrick J. Lynch tells TMZ his organization will never forgive or forget what "that junkie Lillo Brancato" did. 

Lynch added, "We ask all right-thinking people not to support this thug’s acting career by avoiding this movie and any project in which he is involved." 

No word on when the film comes out, but a NYC premiere does NOT sound like a good idea.