Fred Durst I Did NOT 'Kill Em All'

3/27/2015 8:03 AM PDT

Fred Durst -- I Did NOT 'Kill Em All' (PHOTO)

Fred Durst is not a deranged alleged murderer who might have confessed on an HBO series to killing 3 people -- that's the OTHER guy named Durst.    

Ever since Robert Durst's story exploded on 'The Jinx' ... Fred's name has been coming up more and more. In fact, an initial report about Robert mistakenly called him "a member of a band."

It took the Limp Bizkit frontman a bit to respond, but Fred finally posted a pic of himself wearing a sweatshirt that says "NOT ROBERT."

We can all agree ... Limp Bizkit might be bad, but it ain't murder. Allegedly.