Bruce Jenner Cover-Up During Hot Malibu Hike

4/6/2015 1:00 AM PDT

Bruce Jenner -- Cover-Up During Hot Malibu Hike (PHOTOS)


Bruce Jenner took a nature hike Sunday in Malibu ... and there's something about his choice of clothing that seems to validate stories that he's gone under the knife for breast enhancement. 

It was downright hot this weekend in Malibu and everywhere else in SoCal. Bruce was wearing shorts, but he bundled up almost completely from the waist up with a heavy sweatshirt, a hoodie and extremely big sunglasses. And he's sporting red nails.

We're told Bruce has been undergoing hormone therapy for nearly 2 years. Patients are not supposed to get breast enhancement surgery while undergoing hormone therapy, because during recovery there's an elevated danger of stroke and heart attack.  

The hormone therapy, we're told, has run its course, and a month after it ends it's safe to get augmentation surgery. 

We're told Bruce's interview with Diane Sawyer -- where he'll talk intimately about his decision -- is almost completed, and it's supposed to air this month.