Dave Matthews Band Fan Gets Pulled Over ... By Dave Matthews!!

6/3/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Dave Matthews Band -- Fan Gets Pulled Over… By Dave Matthews (PHOTO)


The Dave Matthews Band's "Fire Dancer" bumper sticker is like the Bat-Signal for Dave when he's looking for a spot to booze -- and one lucky fan came to his rescue in Atlanta. 

Matthews pulled over a DMB fan stopped in standstill traffic near his hotel on Monday. Apparently, he spotted the band’s signature sticker on her SUV.

The unsuspecting superfan says she heard a tap on the window, looked left and screamed ... "Holy s**t!! Dave Matthews' face is in my car window!" She immediately pulled over, 'cause y'know ... it was FREAKIN' DAVE!

She asked for a pic, Dave obliged ... and then the “Crash” singer asked her for a favor -- point me to a decent watering hole. She sent him to a joint called Article 14.

Based on Yelp, it seems a little highbrow for Dave ... but we doubt he was picky. He was taking bar advice from strangers, after all.