Chris Brown I Got Mixed Signals About Karrueche Reunion

6/9/2015 1:00 AM PDT

Chris Brown -- I Got Mixed Signals About Karrueche Tran Reunion


Chris Brown got burned by friends who told him Karrueche Tran was dying to get back together with him -- which led to the nightclub blowup that made Chris look like an obsessed ex-BF.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ ... Chris got a table at Playhouse, right next to Karrueche because their mutual friends told him to do it. The friend network was pumping Chris up ... telling him KT was ready to work things out. 

So, as you can imagine ... Chris was shocked that night when Karrueche stormed out of the club. 

Fact is, Karrueche never told anyone she wants to get back with Chris. According to our sources, she and Chris figured out the next day that they'd been had. We're told they're cutting off the so-called "friends" behind the conspiracy.  

For his part, we're told Chris is fine with moving on ... and wouldn't have gone to Playhouse if he hadn't been set up. It was the first time Chris had seen Karrueche since they broke up over his baby ... and a total disaster.