50 Cent & NBC Chairman Eskimo Bro-Down

6/10/2015 1:25 PM PDT

50 Cent & NBC Chairman -- The Eskimo Bro-Down (PHOTO)

Exclusive Details

Chelsea Handler's ears -- or some other body part -- must be burning ... 50 Cent met another guy who used to bang her, and it wasn't the least bit awkward. Kidding, it sounds totally awkward.

According to our sources, 50 was doing an interview with a NBC show when NBC Chairman Ted Harbert came up and introduced himself and added, "I dated Chelsea Handler before you."

50 posted the pic Wednesday, writing, "Me and Ted Harbert, well this is a @chelseahandler moment. We love you girl."

Good thing Ted didn't date Chelsea after 50 ... if you catch our drift.