Nicki Minaj's Ex -- Angry Rap I Helped Make You And You S*** On Me

6/10/2015 1:00 AM PDT

Nicki Minaj Ex Safaree – Angry Rap ... I Helped Make You and You S*** On Me


Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree Samuels rages in a new song that his blood, sweat and tears made her what she is, yet she treated him like dirt.

Safaree's song “Love The Most” will be released at the end of the week, but we got hold of it, and he's airing as much dirty laundry as he can in 5 minutes.

Among his gripes ... alleged infidelity, refusal to have his baby, coldly rejecting him and rubbing in his nose her new relationship with rapper Meek Mill

And he even throws in a reference to pills for bad measure.

At one point he says Nicki made him look like Bozo the Fool, rapping: "Had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it's all cool / Inside I was feeling like a motha f**king fool."

Their 12 year relationship ended last year, and Minaj rebounded with Meek Mill

Nicki's camp had no comment.