Mark Wahlberg Hangin' Tough ... With NKOTB Again

6/23/2015 10:15 AM PDT

Mark Wahlberg -- Hangin' Tough ... With NKOTB Again (VIDEO)

Mark Wahlberg made his triumphant return to New Kids on the Block -- teasing the crowd in Madison Square Garden into thinking they were about to get some "Good Vibrations."

It didn't happen, but NKOTB fans were still pumped Monday night when 50 Cent (no clue what he was doing there) brought Marky Mark on stage ... where he merely shook hands with his ex-group mates.    

Yes, you read that right -- Wahlberg was an original member, but left after 3 months, opening the door for Joey McIntyre to replace him. And that's your NKOTB fun fact ... for the year.

Still, how tough would it have been to get the Funky Bunch up there too for this reunion?

C'mon, c'mon ...