'Full House' Besties We Couldn't Date 'NKOTB' ... Not Rights Stuff

5/11/2015 3:13 PM PDT

Candace Cameron-Bure & Andrea Barber -- We Couldn't Date 'NKOTB' ... Not Rights Stuff


Candace Cameron-Bure & Andrea Barber could have ended up with Knight or Wahlberg as their last names -- but freakin' lawyers came between the "Full House" duo and the New Kids on the Block.

D.J. and Kimmy Gibbler caught the NKOTB show Saturday in L.A. ... and while they never say if they ever hooked up with Jordan, Donnie or any of the others ... it sounds like they would have if not for some legal red tape.

More importantly, it sounds like Andrea had a little vino ... 'cause she was giggling like a teenager.

As for the unauthorized Lifetime movie about "Full House" -- they suggest you tune into Netflix for the REAL deal ... check it out.