Luke Wilson Bitch Betta Have My Money! Beats Ex-Asst. in Court

7/8/2015 4:02 PM PDT

Luke Wilson -- Bitch Betta Have My Money! Beats Ex-Assistant in Court


Luke Wilson's ex-assistant tried to act like he forgot, but the actor just scored a huge sum of money from the guy. Like brrap brrap brrap ...

A judge awarded Wilson $438k from Charles Lodi -- the former employee he sued for using his credit cards to rack up more than $120,000 in vacations, wedding expenses, and cold hard cash.

In the suit, Wilson said he caught Lodi red-handed in 2014 ... and they reached a settlement. Lodi was supposed to pay back $75k in 3 installments -- but only paid back $15k before he went ghost ... fleeing to Utah.

The downside for Luke is Lodi's still in the wind -- he never responded to the lawsuit, and the chances of him actually having the money seem slim to none.

But moral victories can be kinda cool ... when you don't need cash.