Flo Rida My So-Called Ex-Assistant Is a Thankless Parasite

2/7/2012 2:45 PM PST

Flo Rida: My So-Called Ex-Assistant Is a Thankless Parasite

No good deed goes unpunished -- at least according to Flo Rida's lawyer, who claims the so-called ex-assistant that's suing the rapper is an ungrateful freeloader who took advantage of his generosity.

TMZ broke the story ... some woman named Mahogany Miller filed a lawsuit against Flo Rida, claiming the rapper worked her to the bone last summer for a paltry $3.08 an hour. Miller claims she confronted Flo over the low wages, and he fired her.

But Flo's lawyer Sandy Becher claims she's delusional -- telling us, the girl was never officially hired as an employee in Flo's office ... she was an unpaid volunteer, who begged to work for him as a first step in the music biz.

According to the lawyer, she was unqualified for an official position, so Flo took her under his wing as an intern-type worker -- occasionally paying for her lunches or gas money, but nothing was ever guaranteed.

What's more -- Flo's lawyer says the rapper didn't fire Miller because she asked for money ... he fired her because her "behavior was inappropriate for the workplace environment." He wouldn't specify why.

Flo tells us, "This is ridiculous that I gave someone an opportunity out of the goodness of my heart and now sadly I am being falsely targeted."