Bobby Flay, Stephanie March Divorce Settled Stephanie Scores

7/17/2015 10:09 AM PDT

Bobby Flay, Stephanie March -- Divorced Settled ... Stephanie Scores


Bobby Flay and Stephanie March settled what became one of the nastiest celebrity divorces in years, TMZ has confirmed, and Stephanie did WAY better than what she would have gotten under the prenup. 

TMZ broke the story, Stephanie signed a prenup at the beginning of the 10 year marriage that gave her paltry sum in the event of divorce -- $5k a month in spousal support for just 5 years. We say paltry, because Bobby's net worth is north of $20 million. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, the negotiations between the 2 were tough, but ultimately Stephanie held the cards because Bobby did not want a trial, especially since she alleged cheating in her divorce docs.  

As one source said, "He didn't want a plane flying over the courthouse," referring to the airplane that pulled a sign "cheater" during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. As we reported, we determined Stephanie didn't order the sign, but someone sure did.

In the end, we're told the settlement is complicated, but Stephanie did just fine.