Chris Brown Outbids Tyga to Snag 500 HP Supercar ... FIRST!

8/7/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Chris Brown -- Outbids Tyga to Snag 500 Horsepower Supercar ... FIRST (PHOTOS)


Chris Brown wanted so badly to be the first kid on his block with a Rezvani Beast -- a 500 horsepower street-legal race car -- he paid an extra $35,000 to make it happen!

A rep for Rezvani tells TMZ, Chris snagged the first Beast ever made -- sight unseen, mind you -- after ponying up $200,000 ... even though the list price is a mere $165k.

Usually the cars are handmade in about 12-14 weeks, but CB couldn't wait. He worked a deal with Rezvani reps Laureen Clarke and Charm Brittian -- Chris paid an extra $35k, and they guaranteed he'd get model 001 in just 2 weeks.  

The deal meant Chris would beat out his pal Tyga, who was also angling for one.

The Beast has no doors, no roof, weighs just 1,650 pounds and goes 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds -- and no, it doesn't come with a car seat.

Sorry, Royalty ... daddy's got a new baby.