50 Cent Sued I'll Show You Who Has the Power

9/9/2015 12:30 AM PDT

50 Cent Sued -- I'll Show You Who Has the Power

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11:00 AM PST: New York Times best selling author Nikki Turner tells TMZ ... "I would like to set the record straight that the news that's circulating in regard to "Power," 50 Cent and myself is completely false.

"I never showed 50 Cent any manuscripts but my own which is "Death Before Dishonor" and in no way related to 50 Cent's television series, "Power." Please don't believe the lie that's being told, as it's completely false."

50 Cent has another creditor -- aka "Plaintiff" who is suing the rapper for brashly stealing his show idea.

Larry Johnson claims he wrote a manuscript, "Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid," and in 2005, sent it to Nikki Turner, who works for 50 at G-Unit Books. He says the book was eventually published elsewhere, but believes Nikki showed the manuscript to 50.

Johnson claims much to his horror, in 2014 Starz debuted "Power," Fiddy's show about a drug dealer who's trying to go legit. 

Johnson says it's a carbon copy of his manuscript. In his book, the primary character has a goatee ... ditto "Ghost" in "Power." In fact, Johnson says he even uses the nickname "Ghost" as his pen name.

And Johnson says in his manuscript the main character's best friend has a short fuse, just like Tommy in "Power."

In Johnson's manuscript the main character owns the hottest nightclub in Atlanta. In "Power," Ghost has the hottest club in NYC.

Johnson is looking for $200 million to make things right.