SNL's Pete Davidson Takes On Rannazzisi Over 9/11 Lie

9/16/2015 9:14 AM PDT

SNL's Pete Davidson -- Takes On 'League' Star Steve Rannazzisi for 9/11 Lie

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"The League" star Steve Rannazzisi -- who copped to lying about escaping the 9/11 attack -- just got publicly ripped by Pete Davidson from 'SNL' ... whose firefighter dad was killed on 9/11.

Appropriately, Davidson was one of the first celebs to react to Rannazzisi's confession that he lied for years about being in the World Trade Center. Pete sarcastically tweeted, "It's ok @SteveRannazzisi people make mistakes ... Can't wait to meet my dad for lunch later." 

Rannazzisi then stepped in a pile of s**t by replying, "thank you pete. i really appreciate it." 

That's when Pete owned him with a simple, "I think you missed the point." However, he added the whole thing sucks because he thinks Steve is "actually a funny comic and I love The League. It's f**ked up." 

Pete and Steve have since deleted their Twittter exchange. 

Now, on the other hand ... Rannazzisi's TV wife, Katie Aselton came to his defense, saying what he did was wrong, but "He's not running for office or raising your kids. #perspective."