Chris Christie Secret Service Name Now Care Bear Approved

9/18/2015 12:30 AM PDT

Chris Christie -- Secret Service Name Gets Care Bear Approval


Chris Christie's True Heart gaffe during Wednesday's GOP debate has got the Internet buzzing about his Care Bear answer.

Christie's answer to Wednesday night's debate question ... "What would you want your Secret Service code name to be?" ... confused viewers when he said, "True Heart."

The Internet pointed out en masse that True Heart is one of the O.G. Care Bears ... the insanely popular '80s animated kids series. 

It's unclear if Christie was calling out the first thing that came to mind, or attempting a clever pun, but we sent a message up to the licensing company behind the still popular brand (kids call it the Care-a-Lot clouds)... and we were told True Heart is flattered at the nod. 

Care Bear central added ... Christie and True have a lot in common -- they're both "kind, affectionate, attentive and obviously, very huggable!" 

Pretty sure that was a fat joke.