Corey Feldman Stars in 'Waterworld: The Lawsuit'

9/21/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Corey Feldman Stars in 'Waterworld: The Lawsuit'


Corey Feldman  landed the role of a lifetime ... villain in a real-life disaster movie. It's a life or death scenario and his co-star is the California drought.

SCENE: A gated home in suburban Encino, CA, with plenty of trees and grass.

Dept. of Water and Power operator:  "Mr. Feldman, it seems you haven't paid your water bill for 2011. We don't mean to bother you but you owe $6,170.18

Corey: Yeah, yeah, you'll get your money. My business manager's on it.

Operator: Mr. Feldman, we are in the middle of a drought, and I can't help but notice you do a lot of watering.

Corey: Trees gotta eat. Grass has gotta grow.

Operator: Mr. Feldman, if we don't get our money pronto, we have no choice. We'll have to take you to court.

Corey:  Do what you gotta do.

SCENE: 4 Weeks later ... Los Angeles Superior Court:

Judge: Calling the case of DWP vs. Corey Feldman. Is counsel present?

DWP Lawyer: I'm Abe Silverstein for the DWP, your honor.


Judge: It seems Mr. Feldman's lawyer is not present. Default for DWP

(Judge slams gavel)