TV Network Uses Nazi Badge For Yom Kippur .... How Could You Nazi This?!

9/23/2015 6:01 AM PDT

TV Network Uses Nazi Badge for Yom Kippur -- How Could You Nazi This??

Looks like WGN has some serious atoning to do today ... because for some reason, the network used infamous NAZI  imagery for a news story about Yom Kippur

Check out the graphic used during a segment about the Jewish high holiday on Tuesday night. That yellow star look familar???

Yeah, it's because it's the same yellow badge the Nazis forced the Jews to wear during the 1940s. 

A Chicago lawyer took notice and called out WGN -- writing, "Holy crap, @WGNNews, this is your stock photo for a Jewish holiday?? Nobody thought that's a bad choice of photo?"

WGN responded, "We are truly sorry for inadvertently using an offensive image in our story. We apologize and deeply regret the error."

Oy vey.