Chris Brown to Australia Forget Parents ... I Can Teach Kids About Domestic Violence

9/29/2015 6:42 AM PDT

Chris Brown to Australia -- Forget Parents, I Can Teach Kids About Domestic Violence

Chris Brown is trying to convince the Australian government, he's better suited to teach kids about the horrors of domestic violence than their parents.

As we reported, the Australian government is strongly inclined to deny Brown entry into the country because of the Rihanna beating conviction, but they've invited the singer to make a case for entry.

Brown just tweeted, "The youth don't listen to parents nor do they listen to PSA's. The power that we have as Entertainers can change lives."

The problem ... his tweet is more about him and his right to move past the conviction than it is about domestic violence. He writes, "My life mistakes should be a wake up call for everyone. Showing the world that mistakes don't define you. Trying to prevent spousal abuse."

He might want to leave this one to the lawyers.