Brandon Davis DUI Arrest After Nasty Car Crash

10/2/2015 6:46 AM PDT

Brandon Davis -- DUI Arrest After Car Crash


1:15 PM PST: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Davis suffered a cracked vertebrae in the accident.

Hollywood heir Brandon Davis destroyed his Mercedes Benz in a nasty single car accident in Los Angeles early Friday morning ... and then got busted for DUI.

Davis, ex BFF of Paris Hilton, was driving through one of LA's canyons when he smashed into something so hard ... it tore off the front, right side of his Mercedes sedan. Davis was injured in the wreck and had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital.

Police arrested him for DUI while he was still getting treated at the hospital.

Brandon, the grandson of oil and Hollywood tycoon Marvin Davis, was booked for battery and cocaine possession back in 2011. He pled guilty and was ordered to enter a drug diversion program.

Davis is probably most famous for his "firecrotch" rant about Lindsay Lohan