Anne Hathaway This Just Hen You Screwed Up My Eggs, 4 Times!!!

10/11/2015 1:00 AM PDT

Anne Hathaway Is A Breakfast Diva on Set


Anne Hathaway likes her eggs just so, and God help the chef who goes astray.

Hathaway was on the Paramount lot last week shooting a Japanese commercial when she ordered breakfast -- a poached egg, along with an English muffin and avocado.  

The guys catering the shoot were going crazy, because she sent the dish back 4 TIMES!!

1st try: Poached egg too runny.

2nd try: English muffin was cold because it sat while egg #2 was being poached.

3rd try: Egg #2 cold because it sat while chef toasted muffin #2.

4th try: Egg, muffin and avocado were perfect, but it took so long she decided she was in the mood for a fried egg.

She's totally ovo it.