LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Target of Assassination Threats

10/14/2015 1:00 AM PDT

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Target of Assassination Threats


The Chief of Police of the Los Angeles Police Dept. was the target of chilling assassination threats ... TMZ has learned.

Norman Valerio allegedly sent multiple death threats to the LAPD via Twitter, targeting Chief Charlie Beck. In one tweet, the 52-year-old Santa Monica resident wrote, "I will kill you with the sniper or 9mm berretta from the second floors or third floor or roof as you passing by, massacre you."

In another tweet, Valerio writes, "From there follow your wife and kill your kids ... you are not my Rodney king you are my rodiney bitch."

Valerio goes on, "You talk to much chief. Let me educated you who I am if I want to go kill your picgs, I will shoot thru the back window of their car."

We've learned Valerio has been arrested and charged with making felony criminal threats against Chief Beck. The charging docs say, "Charlie Beck was reasonably in sustained fear of his safety and the safety of his immediate family." 

If convicted, Valerio faces up to 3 years in state prison.