Starbucks Customer Flips Her Lid Seriously Burned

10/18/2015 1:00 AM PDT

Starbucks Customer Claims Loose Coffee Lid Left Serious Burns


A Starbucks coffee shop is in hot water after a woman claims she was scalded by coffee after getting a loose lid at the drive-thru ... and now she's lawyered up.

Katrina Day says she hit up a Starbucks in Florida last month. She claims her lid was not fully secured by employees, and she suffered "severe burns" to her back, legs and buttocks when the coffee spilled. 

Katrina's attorney fired off a letter to the company informing them about the incident, and serving notice she intends to hit up the shop's insurance company for big money. 

Her lawyer tells us they haven't heard back yet.

We also reached out to the Starbucks ... which had no comment.