Bob Barker Splits Head Open In Nasty Fall

10/20/2015 5:05 PM PDT

Bob Barker Splits Head Open in Nasty Fall


Bob Barker split the side of his forehead open Tuesday morning, and lucky for him cops saw it happen ... TMZ has learned.

Bob was taking a walk at around 10:30 AM near his Hollywood Hills home when he tripped on the sidewalk. Law enforcement sources tell us LAPD cops happened to be in the neighborhood, responding to a nearby incident.  

The officers actually saw Barker fall and the officers jumped out of their car and rendered first aid until paramedics arrived.

We're told the 91-year-old suffered a 1 1/2 inch laceration on the right side of his forehead.  He also hurt his knee. He was taken to Cedars-Sinai for treatment.    

Bob's been released and is at home resting.