Beyonce Lawsuit Tossed ... She Just Wasn't Horny Enough

10/22/2015 3:43 PM PDT

Beyonce Lawsuit Tossed ... She Just Wasn't 'Horny' Enough


Beyonce just won a victory in court -- her song "XO" was not a rip-off of a song called, "XOXO" -- and one of the main reasons is, for once, Bey wasn't raunchy or sexy enough ... according to a judge, anyway.

A federal judge threw out the lawsuit a singer named Ahmad Javon Lane had filed against Beyonce -- accusing her of copying his tune, "XOXO." The judge said the songs were not the least bit similar musically or lyrically ... and beyond that he said the themes were also different.

He points out Lane's song is raw and raunchy with "explicitly sexual" lyrics ... such as describing himself as "horny" and loving every inch of someone.

On the other hand, the judge said Beyonce's "XO" is more tame and filled with romantic metaphors.

Case closed.