Dr. Arnold Klein Frozen at Coroner's Office

10/28/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Dr. Arnold Klein's Body is Frozen at the Coroner's Office


Michael Jackson's physician and dear friend Dr. Arnold Klein's body remains on ice at the coroner's office because no family members have come forward to claim it.

It's kinda sad, but sources who were close to Klein tell us his closest relatives are unable to get his body. We're told he has 2 living brothers: one is mentally challenged ... the other is bankrupt and unable to fly to Palm Springs.  

Klein also has an aunt who is, as one source put it, "out of it" ... and doesn't understand what's happening around her.  

TMZ broke the story ... Dr. Klein died last week after suffering severe abdominal pains. If no family members retrieve the body, the county would have to approve a friend to do it.