Janice Dickinson I Never Took a Penny In Cosby Interviews

10/28/2015 10:50 AM PDT

Janice Dickinson -- I Never Took a Penny in Cosby Interviews


Janice Dickinson says Bill Cosby and his team were liars when they claimed she was just trying to make a buck by going after the comedian ... she says she hasn't taken a cent from TV shows. 

Dickinson filed legal docs in her lawsuit against Cosby, swearing under oath she's not in this for the money. She points to a 2014 interview on "Entertainment Tonight" where she said Cosby drugged and raped her in 1982 in Lake Tahoe. She says she got no money for the sit-down.

Dickinson says she did the interview "to stand in solidarity with the dozens of other women who had the same experience I did, being sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby."