Sued Where the Real Chicks At?

11/2/2015 12:48 AM PST Man Sues ... Women Profiles Were Fake!

EXCLUSIVE was selling horny guys on extramarital affairs with phantom women ... so claims a disgruntled guy in a new lawsuit.

David Poyet claims he was lured to the site partly because it boasted a female roster 5.5 million strong ... a full 30% of its users.

But Poyet says the hacking scandal in July unearthed a shocking revelation ... women only populated 15% of the site. 

It gets worse ... the suit alleges there may have only been 12,000 real women on the site ... so the site was just a bunch of dudes trying to hook up with an impossibly small group of chicks.

The man wants to make it a class action lawsuit for unfair and fraudulent business practices and wants more than $5 million. Good luck getting other guys to sign up.