What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

Why YELLOW there, Kerry Washington ... formerly Miss Pope -- who was quite the pro at solving "Scandals," but this crisis is on you! Can you find the discrepancies in these two pics? Don't lift too many fingers!

Rain or shine, Washington took on NYC like a champ earlier this week ... dazzling in head-to-toe yellow to promote her memoir, "Thicker Than Water." As you walk around these images and scout out out the differences ... watch out for the sideways cracks and oncoming pedestrians.

Make it rain on 'em, Kerry!

**HINT: There are THREE differences in the above Kerry Washington photos!**

¡¿Cuál es la gran diferencia?!

¿Por qué de AMARILLO aquí, Kerry Washington? Antes Miss Pope, quien era toda una profesional resolviendo "Escándalos", ¡pero esa crisis es cosa tuya! ¿Puedes encontrar las discrepancias en estas dos fotos? No lo piensen demasiado.

Llueva o salga el sol, Washington se enfrentó a la lluvia de Nueva York como una campeona a principios de esta semana, luciendo deslumbrante de amarillo de pies a cabeza para promocionar sus memorias, "Thicker Than Water". Mientras paseas por estas imágenes y buscas las diferencias, ten cuidado con las grietas de la vereda y los peatones que vienen.

Haz que llueva sobre ellos, Kerry.

**PISTA: ¡Hay TRES diferencias en las fotos de Kerry Washington!

Adele Trashes Tom Sandoval ... What Does He Do Again???


Adele is just like the rest of us -- piling onto Tom Sandoval with her Vegas audience ... even though she's kinda just figuring out the backstory and pertinent details as she goes.

The singer was back to bantering with the crowd Monday, only this time she wasn't talking subs ... she was going on about "Vanderpump Rules." Specifically, Adele wanted to know who the guy that cheated was ... and what exactly he does for a living.

It's a fair Q. Folks who don't watch the show -- but who might've heard about the drama regardless -- have probably been asking the same thing ... and Adele got some answers from ticket holders. Well, sorta ... people weren't all that helpful in painting a clear picture.

Adele polled one fella in the audience, and he simply blurted out ... "He's trash." She jokingly agreed, but clearly wanted her question answered -- and he told her Tom's a server who's trying to be a singer now. That's not *entirely* accurate ... but Adele seemed satisfied.

For those unfamiliar ... Tom is a local restaurant/business owner in L.A. who mingles with the 'Vanderpump' staff as a bartender. He's been part of the cast since pretty much the beginning, and yes -- he is indeed in a band ... and he does, in fact, sing.

While Adele didn't seem privy to any of that info ... she's certainly heard about him pulling a fast one on his longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix, by hooking up with her best friend and fellow castmate, Raquel Leviss -- which blew up in his face earlier this year after we broke the news on the affair.


As we've reported ... there's been a lot of mud-slinging in the aftermath, but now -- Bravo's ready to do it all over again. Only problem is they haven't signed Raquel for the new season just yet ... as she remains at her mental health facility ... and they're starting production on Wednesday. Obviously, they want her back.

Time will tell if she inks a deal ... but it'll also be interesting to see if the 'Scandoval' has actual legs. This thing's starting to feel fully squeezed -- and there might be some fatigue.

Tom's down to run it back, though ... the guy's signed on to come back, so despite the figurative beating he's taken these past few months -- it seems the paycheck's worth it.

Lance Armstrong Ruffles Feathers ... With Transgender Sports Tweets

Lance Armstrong wants to have his say on the transgender sports debate -- and he's partnering with Caitlyn Jenner to do it ... but people online are telling him to shut it.

The former champion cyclist -- whose accolades were, by and large, rescinded after he was found to have been doping through a decent amount of his career -- teased a new project he appears to have in the works ... one in which he's getting into the polarizing topic.

His key subject, it seems, is going to be Caitlyn ... who's been very outspoken on having trans women competing in women's sports, and who's obviously transgender herself.

Right off the bat, LA's tone to this whole thing has turned people off. He writes, "Have we really come to a time and place where spirited debate is not only frowned upon but feared? Where people’s greatest concern is being fired, shamed, or canceled? As someone all too familiar with this phenomenon, I feel I'm uniquely positioned to have these conversations."

He followed up with more tweets, sorta answering his own Q ... and plugging this new series he's got coming out. One tweet that's got a lot of reaction reads, "Is there, not a world in which one can be supportive of the transgender community and curious about the fairness of Trans athletes in sport yet not be labeled a transphobe or a bigot as we ask questions?

He continues, "Do we yet know the answers? And do we even want to know the answers?"

Now, Lance is trending on the Bird app ... for all the wrong reasons. You can hop into the trend to see what people are saying for yourself -- but it essentially boils down to ... dude, you're the last person who should be commenting on fairness in sports. Like, c'mon.

Of course, they're referring to his PED scandal in the early 2010s ... which he denied for a long time -- but ultimately confessed to. As most of us know, a majority of his titles between '99 and 2005 were stripped ... and his legacy as an inspirational winner was dinged.

Regardless of that, Lance is forging on and is ready to dive into the topic -- which has captivated the country (sorta in a bad way) on so many fronts over the past several years.

Raquel Leviss FBI Contacted for Death Threats Nasty Attacks from Scandoval


11:47 AM PT -- Bravo is speaking out against the alleged threats being made against Raquel.


A network spokesperson tells TMZ ... "The threats being made on social media are appalling. Bravo strongly condemns this behavior and urges people to stop."

Raquel Leviss and her family are so terrified after a wave of death threats stemming from her affair with Tom Sandoval, they've contacted the country's top law enforcement source for help ... TMZ has learned.

The "Vanderpump Rules" star's rep tells TMZ ... Raquel and her family have been on the receiving end of violent and graphic death threats both online and over the phone that has gotten so bad they've had to contact the FBI.

We're told some of the alleged threats include messages sent to Raquel through social media, saying ... "Tear you limb from limb" and "Un-alive and dump the body."

A source close to Raquel tells TMZ ... it's understandable why people hate her for the Scandoval, but to elevate that hate to the point of threatening Raquel and her family takes things too far and is disturbing.

A spokesperson for the FBI tells TMZ ... "FBI neither confirms nor denies investigations. Obviously, we review all allegations reported to us and encourage anyone who believes their life is in imminent danger to call 911."

As we reported, Raquel's getting mental health treatment in the wake of the cheating scandal, and we haven't seen her out in public in weeks ... so she's clearly in a bad spot, and the alleged threats aren't helping.


As we reported ... Tom and Raquel were raked over the coals during part one of the "VPR" reunion, with some of their fellow costars threatening Tom with violence.

But death threats are on a whole other level.

Originally Published -- 1:00 AM PT

Andy Cohen Infidelity Interests Lots of Folks ... Why 'VPR' Affair Is So BIG!!!


Andy Cohen says the reason the "Vanderpump Rules" cheating scandal is such a big story two months after the fact is because lots of people are curious about infidelity ... and without a doubt, this affair has it all.

We got Andy at LAX Thursday and our photog asked him why "Scandoval" is still captivating the public, even those folks who don't watch the reality TV show religiously.


Andy says infidelity is just one of those topics that draw lots of eyeballs and interest ... plus it doesn't hurt that the women involved, Ariana Madix and Raquel Leviss, used to be close friends.

Plus, for hardcore Bravo fans, Andy says those folks felt like they knew Tom Sandoval, Ariana, and Raquel ... which makes the affair all the more shocking and dramatic.

We broke the story back in early March ... when Ariana went through Tom's phone and found out he had been hooking up with Raquel for months behind her back.


Of course, this isn't the first time the 'VPR' cast has been caught cheating ... but Andy says this affair checks all the boxes ... and he thinks there must be something in the water in West Hollywood because everyone on the show is super horny.

Andy says everyone wants to see Ariana get her happy ending ... and he tells us why he's happy to see her with a new man.

Columbus Short Thrilled for Britney's Marriage ... 'She Found Her Happy!!!'


Columbus Short is over the moon that his ex, Britney Spears, is tying the knot and he's even sending her love on her big day ... in lieu of a wedding gift, of course.

You could say the former "Scandal" star's hoping to catch some inspiration from Brit -- when we saw him Thursday at LAX, he said he's excited Britney found her special someone, and added he's been working on that for himself.

Columbus tells us it's time for her to get her happy on ... after all, she's been working hard the last few decades, and fought even harder during her recent conservatorship battle. Columbus thinks now's her time to live life to the fullest.

He's keeping the love for her strong despite allegations her parents had referred to him with a racial slur during his brief time with Britney. They'd met while he was doing choreography and backup dancing for her in the early 2000s.


Columbus' good vibes are the polar opposite of what Britney's ex-husband Jason Alexander pulled on her wedding day.

As TMZ first reported, Alexander showed up at her house Thursday trying to crash the wedding ... all while live streaming. After a physical encounter with a security guard, cops showed up and hauled him off to jail.

Ben Stein I Feel Sorry for Roseanne ... Meds Are to Blame


Ben Stein's not going to pile on Roseanne after her racist tweet got her show canceled -- in fact ... he sympathizes and believes her claim that Ambien made her do it.

The "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" actor was leaving Mr Chow in Bev Hills Friday night when he got asked about the Roseanne debacle ... he says it's not her fault and he feels sorry for her.

Unlike many other celebs, Stein doesn't think Barr's a racist but was just screwed up from her medicine ... and seems upset people are being mean to her.

As we reported ... ABC canned "Roseanne" shortly after her racist tweet went viral, but she claimed her comment was Ambien-induced. Ambien quickly denounced that.

Regardless, Stein clearly has compassion for Roseanne ... much, much more than Dennis Klein does.

Morgan Freeman Misplaced Humor, Not Sexual Assault Alleged Victim Calls Out CNN

Morgan Freeman has issued a second statement, responding to allegations he sexually harassed a number of women, this time saying the incidents were "misplaced compliments or humor" and not sexual assault ... and now one of the women is calling out CNN for unfairly suggesting she's a victim.

Freeman says, "I am devastated that 80 years of my life is at risk of being undermined, in the blink of an eye." He goes on ... "It is not right to equate horrific incidents of sexual assault with misplaced compliments or humor."

Freeman does apologize, saying he will "continue to apologize to anyone I might have upset, however unintentionally."

A woman mentioned in the CNN story -- Tyra Martin, reached out to TMZ and said, "Hey, still getting a lot of nasty messages from people who think I AM one of the accusers. I'm not, never was. CNN totally misrepresented the video and took my remarks out of context." The incident involved an interview Martin did with Freeman, where she recounted, "When I stood up, I pulled my skirt part of my dress down and he did say, 'Oh, don't pull it down now.'"

Pauly D to Khloe: Give Tristan a 2nd Chance!


Pauly D is calling for MERCY for Tristan Thompson ... saying Khloe Kardashian should give the dude a second chance after getting caught cheating on her during her pregnancy.

"OHHHHH," Pauly told us while outside 1 OAK in Hollywood ... "He got caught up there!"

He certainly did ... footage of Tristan motorboating, kissing and messin' around with other women (not named Khloe) surfaced this week as Khloe is getting ready to give birth to their kid.


Still, Pauly says he hopes Tristan gets another shot to be the faithful baby daddy Khloe wants.

Yeah, don't hold your breath ...

Tony Rock 'Everybody Cheats on Kardashians' 'Smash & Get Out'


The Kardashians are more rest stop than destination ... so says Tony Rock who says NO ONE should be surprised Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe.

"Everybody cheats on the Kardashians," Tony told us outside the Laugh Factory ... "You just smash a couple times and you get out!"

Guessing Tony's referring to past K-squad dudes like Lamar Odom and Scott Disick. Kim Kardashian famously told Jennifer Lawrence she was cheated on, too, but didn't call out the cheater by name.

"Who's been loyal to a Kardashain?" Rock added ... "Like for real?"

BONUS: Check out the cameos by Luis Guzman and Russell Peters!

Terry Crews Agrees to Take Mental Health Exam In Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Terry Crews has agreed to take a mental health exam in connection with his sexual assault lawsuit against an agent he claims groped him at a party.

Lawyers for WME filed a stipulation in Crews' civil lawsuit. The stipulation says the exam will take 7 hours and it names a doctor who was mutually agreed upon.

According to the docs, the exam will include a "comprehensive psycho-social and medical history and the administration of mental status testing and psychological testing."

Crews claims WME agent Adam Venit grabbed his genitals during a party. He's also filed a criminal complaint against Venit and it is currently under investigation.

Columbus Short Gets Year in Jail After Hitting New Wife

Columbus Short is going to jail for several months after pleading no contest to hitting his current wife ... TMZ has learned.

The ex-"Scandal" star entered his plea Friday in L.A. after getting arrested back in November. According to prosecutors he hit Aida Abramyan during an argument. Short was sentenced to 36 months probation and domestic violence education.

However, he was already on probation for a 2014 bar fight where he knocked out a guy. He got the year in jail for violating probation.

Short has serious issues with domestic violence. He's also on probation for a previous incident, where he allegedly put a knife to his ex-wife's throat.

Roy Moore New Accuser Speaks ... He Tried to Force Oral Sex When I Was 16 Years Old


5:30 PM PT -- Roy Moore has denied Beverly's allegation, going so far as to say he doesn't even know her or know anything about her.

A new accuser of Republican Roy Moore says the U.S. Senate candidate once tried to force her to perform oral sex on him when she was just 16 years old.

Beverly Young Nelson appeared at a press conference Monday in NYC alongside attorney Gloria Allred to make the accusation, tearing up and crying throughout.

Nelson says she was a waitress in Alabama between 1976 and '77, and that Moore -- then the D.A. of their county -- was a regular, and that he would flirt with her. In December of '77, Nelson says Moore signed her yearbook, and then offered a ride home after her shift.

Instead of driving her home, though, she says Moore pulled around behind the restaurant and began groping her breasts, before he allegedly grabbed her neck and tried to force her head toward his crotch.

Nelson says she resisted, and Moore ultimately gave up. She says he kicked her out his car and told her not to tell anyone since no one would believe her.

Moore has also been accused of sexual misconduct with minors by 4 other women. He's been asked by many politicians on both sides of the aisle to step aside.

Christopher Plummer No Regrets Taking Kevin Spacey's Role


The guy replacing Kevin Spacey in a movie that's supposed to be released in about a month is surprisingly at ease about pulling off an unprecedented cinematic move.

We got Christopher Plummer Sunday in NYC where he was attending the premiere of one of his own upcoming flicks, and asked if it was a difficult decision to accept the role in Ridley Scott's "All the Money in the World," after Spacey got the ax last week.

From the way Chris responds, it doesn't sound like he has any qualms about taking the gig away, even though he was mum on reaching out to the beleaguered actor.

As for that looming release date of December 22 -- Chris might as well have quoted OutKast ... ain't no thang.

Rick Santorum Hollywood's No Purer than D.C. On Sexual Harassment


Rick Santorum says Hollywood turned a blind eye to sexual misconduct for decades, and that it's no better than D.C. ... even if it likes to pretend it is today.

We got the former U.S. Senator Sunday where we asked about the torrent of sexual harassment allegations coming out in Tinseltown lately, and how they compare to similar scandals in D.C. -- like Republican Roy Moore's alleged pursuit of an underage girl.

Santorum seems to welcome the cleansing, so to speak. But he doesn't mince words about the sudden shock and appall on Hollywood's end ... where A-listers are being excommunicated left and right.

Bottom line for Rick ... out with the bad, but don't act like it wasn't there all along.

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