New Harvey Weinstein Accuser He Forced Oral Sex Took Out My Tampon While On My Period

10/24/2017 11:00 AM PDT

Harvey Weinstein's New Accuser Says He Forced Oral Sex While On Her Period

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A new accuser has come forward to allege that Harvey Weinstein forced oral sex on her while she was on her period.

The woman -- named Mimi -- appeared next to her attorney, Gloria Allred, Tuesday at a press conference in NYC ... where she told her harrowing story

She says she first met Weinstein in 2004 and again in 2006, and over the course of several meetings -- where she claims his sexual advances became increasingly worse.

Mimi explains she was invited to his house in SoHo, and that once there he took her into a bedroom and forced himself upon her. In an effort to make him stop, Mimi says she told him she was on her period ... but Weinstein continued, removing her tampon.

Mimi claims once Weinstein finished, he asked, "Don't you feel we are so much closer to each other now?" to which a sobbing Mimi replied, "No."

The story is disturbing, and like Gloria promised ... a "new low" for Weinstein. She says Mimi hasn't gone to cops yet, but Gloria says she might in order to help with other investigations.

This is yet another of more than 50 women who've accused Weinstein of harassment, assault or rape.