Hilary Duff Sticking To Her Gun ... Post-Divorce

11/9/2015 1:01 PM PST

Hilary Duff: Sticking To Her Gun ... Post-Divorce

Exclusive Details

Hilary Duff's gone a full 180 from her Disney days because she's now officially a pistol packing mama after a trip to a gun store.

Duff cruised out of a Culver City gun store over the weekend with a Glock case and ammo in hand, though it's unclear what model she purchased.

We've confirmed she picked up a firearm, but only after getting her handgun safety certificate.

As for why she bought it ... Duff's a single mom living home alone now, so it's either for home safety -- or a movie role. Leslie Croft -- Lara's long lost older sis?