Justin Bieber I'll Give You a Lyft to the Party

11/10/2015 1:42 PM PST

Justin Bieber: I'll Give You a Lyft to the Party

Exclusive Details

Justin Bieber's gonna be your ultimate wingman -- hooking you up with a ride, hitting the club and doing shots with you ... if you're really lucky.

Bieber’s teaming up with Lyft for “Bieber Mode” -- a week-long feature where he might show up in a requested car anywhere in the country, starting Thursday.

We've learned, Justin warmed up for his Lyft duties last month with a pick-up in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Bieber chatted up the passengers, one of whom turned out to be a local DJ. Justin kept the party going by showing up at the guy's gig later that night. He even got on the mic, and performed an impromptu rendition of "What Do You Mean?" ... in between shots of tequila. 

Definitely beats a cab.