Salt-N-Pepa Pushin' It Real Good for ... Pep's 51st Bday Surprise

11/11/2015 1:50 PM PST

Salt-N-Pepa: Pushin' It Real Good for Pep's 51st Birthday Surprise


Pepa was the victim of a setup for her 51st birthday -- her friends and family organized a baller surprise party to kick off a month-long celebration.

Pepa told us her husband, Gurps Singh Rai, was the mastermind behind the whole thing. He pretended they were going out for a quiet dinner, but ended up at SIXTY LES in NYC with about 300 people. 

We're told guests feasted on a soul food themed spread -- mac & cheese, chicken wings, cupcakes and cake. This was just the start. Pep says she and Gurps are vacationing in Dubai later this month.

Of course ... it wouldn't be a real party without the birthday girl busting out "Shoop."