Village People Cop We Had Some Milli Vanillis in the Group!!

11/14/2015 12:30 AM PST

Village People Cop: We Had Some Milli Vanillis in the Group!!


Victor Willis -- the cop in Village People -- is about to expose a big disco era secret, and it will forever change the way you hear "Y.M.C.A."

Willis just signed on to do an A&E/Lifetime TV movie based on his life -- and sources close to the deal tell us one of the big reveals is some Village members were lip-syncing. It's unclear exactly which of his bandmates he's calling out for faking it.  

Willis was the original lead singer, but left in the early '80s on bad terms. He never performed with the group again, and even threatened to sue them for using "Y.M.C.A." in a recent TV special.

The movie, set to air sometime next year, seems timed to coincide with Victor's attempted comeback. He just released a new single and music vid.