Nick Cannon & Nicole Murphy Dinner and a Loveseat

12/7/2015 11:22 AM PST

Nick Cannon & Nicole Murphy: Dinner and a Loveseat

Nick Cannon and Nicole Murphy wrapped up a dinner date by doing something that proves they're definitely banging ... or maybe just BFFs. 

Nicole and Nick -- who are both famously single these days -- grabbed dinner over the weekend in West Hollywood. Nick was dressed to the nines, as usual ... and Nicole looked fine as hell, as usual.

After dinner they went furniture shopping. Unclear what they browsed -- tables, couches, or mattresses -- but it's an odd way to follow up dinner. As for the other obvious question ... there were rumors earlier this year they were together.

However, a source close to both Nick and Nicole tells us they're just "friends."

Nick picks his friends well. Very well.