'Walking Dead' Creator Drop the Zombie Cigarillos!! Sues Merchandisers

12/8/2015 9:35 AM PST

'Walking Dead' Creator: Drop the Zombie Cigarillos!! Sues Merchandisers


"The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman is fighting off alleged squatters like a pack of zombies -- he's suing to stop them from cashing in on his hit show. 

According to his lawsuit, Kirkman is going after 5 people who've filed for 'Walking Dead' trademarks to sell everything under the sun. He says they're stealing the brand to promote lipstick, coffee mugs, carpets, candles, and even cigarillos.

The most bizarre one -- Kirkman says someone in NJ wants to open a zombie-themed health food restaurant. 'Cause nothing says healthy living in Jersey ... like undead quinoa. 

He wants the court to block sales of all the products, and any profits the defendants have made off his baby.